Valentine’s Day Celebration Ideas

Valentine’s Day Celebration Ideas

The name Valentine’s Day conjures up image of flowers, candle night dinners and heart shaped chocolates. Over the years, if you feel Valentine’s Day has become quite predictable, we have rounded up some unique Valentine’s Day ideas that will ensure the day is not only romantic and awesome, but will likely, make you lucky too.

An alternative bouquet

Red roses are symbol of love. But then they are also generic. If your lady is fond of nontraditional presents, try substituting red roses with some other exotic flowers or even different kind of bouquet. You can even consider gifting potted plant, miniature tree or a bonsai that she can place it her workplace.

Make a personalized gift

No, you don’t have to cook anything especial or burn up mixed CDs. Instead you can look around for personalized presents, she won’t expect.  is a great place to have personalized towels embroidered.  There are many more personalized gift ideas that you can browse. is another great destination for personalized gift items. You can also put a contemporary spin on homemade scrapbooks by compiling a book of love poems or love quotes.

Organize a group date party at someone’s house

Call up your friends and organize a stay-at-home group date. You can talk with your friends and split the duties. Men can take the charge of buying flowers and cooking foods, while women can plan games and decoration. If your party is going to comprise of both singles and couples, invite equal number of single men and women to avoid anyone feeling out-of-place.

Do touristy things in your own town

To have fun time together, you don’t have to necessarily go to any tourist destinations. You can plan few tourist activities, especially something you and your honey have never done before. For example you can visit many tourists attraction in your own city and take zillion couple-y pictures. This can turn out to be really exciting, fun and romantic.

Candlelight dinner at home

Enjoying a candlelight dinner for two at home is also a great idea. After the dinner you can give a romantic massage to your spouse or watch a romantic movie. You can set your bedroom for the candlelight dinner before your spouse comes from office. After the dinner you can lead her to your homemade massage table and end the special night with a romantic movie. 

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