Unique Gift Ideas for Your Little Bundle of Joy

No matter the amount of time you have spent purchasing the special gift for your child, your child will probably spend more time playing with paper, box and the ribbon that was used to wrap and pack the gift. Also no matter how memorable you make the event for your baby, she won’t be remembering a thing about the event for more than few days or hours. So here are some ideas to gift your child meaningful experiences with long term dividends for everyone involved.


Open an additional bank account to set aside every month a small amount which otherwise will be spent on additional toys. This makes a lot of sense especially knowing the fact that in the future your child will get enough opportunity to put the cash to excellent use, such as college fund. Small amount invested every month will grow into a big amount over a decade.


Older children will usually be put off by such practical presents such as cloths, infants will not chagrin to receive such gifts, for example a warm sweater or a wide brim hat. In fact you may find the baby being thrilled to be at the center of attraction as everyone gathers around to take a snapshot.

Open House

Organize an open house party for your neighbor. In today’s lifestyle it is increasingly becoming difficult to develop the “sense of community” that helps foster relationship, friendship, and mutual support among young parents. Though your baby is not going to derive much enjoyment from extraneous materials, she will have the opportunity to form the human relationships that are forged over egg nog, cookies and tea.


An infant will be least interested in starting a stamp or a coin collection. But she will find this sort of hobby enthralling as she grows up. She may even have an obsession with the year of her birth. So while definitely putting together freshly-minted penny, nickel and dime may not seem particularly special at the moment, it will have enormous appeal for your child later on.

Weekend package

How about taking a break and blowing some money on a weekend package at a luxury hotel for you and your spouse? This might sound ridiculous and incredibly selfish. However, as a matter of fact, happy people make better parents. The benefits of “get-away weekend” will last all year long. Though your baby will definitely miss you, she will receive her gift when you get back. 

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