Fun Ideas in Baby Shower Games to Play

Fun Ideas in Baby Shower Games to Play

Besides all of the other planning that has to go into a baby shower such as invitations and take away gifts, there are baby shower games to play that also need to be found to make the party even more lively and fun.  These baby shower games to play can be formatted to match any type of party.  There are some that end up being very loud and obnoxious to play even though they are very fun, and there are others that are more subdued.

The type of baby shower game to play depends on the type of shower that is being held.  Some baby showers are all women and others have a mix of men and women at them.  The type of game should match the types of guests that will be there and the party atmosphere that the host wants to create.

Types of Games

There are some baby shower games to play that are great for breaking the ice at a party.  A lot of times at the baby showers there is the family of the mother to be along with the friends and coworkers who may have never met before.  This can cause an awkward situation at the party if the guests are not forced to interact with each other and have fun.  In order to do this, there are some team baby shower games to play that will help to get the party started. One of these games requires the guests to be broken up into teams.  The host of the party will turn to each team, one at a time, and read a category to them.  The team members all shout out as many answers that fall into that category as they can in a one-minute time period while the host checks off the correct answers that they give on the card.

For instance, a category might be ‘Bag for the Hospital’ and the team would have to shout out the items that should be in that bag.  After one team has a chance to go it is another team’s turn.  The teams alternate until the category cards run out and each team has had an equal chance to participate.  The team with the most right answers wins.

There is another baby shower game to play that helps to break the ice when it is all women at the party.  In this game, the women are in teams and are given a sheet with a checklist of items that might be found in a purse.  The women collaborate to see how many of those items can be found in their purses.  The team with the most items checked off wins.


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