Choosing a name for your baby – July 2015

Choosing a name for your baby.

There are a few things to keep in mind when looking for the perfect name for the new little person in your household;

  •  Does the name work well with your surname?
  • Will it be tricky to pronounce and/or spell?
  • Can you think of any unkind rhymes or abbreviations of the name. You may wish to consider the initials of the name eg.  Penny Olive Osborne  doesn’t sound as attractive when only the initials are used.

  •  Does it work well when it’s shortened?  If you like the name Robert but can’t stand Bob or Bobby you may wish to find an alternative.
  •  Is it a name that will work as well for an adult as with a child?
  • Are you a traditional person?  If so, a name that has been around for a long time might be a perfect choice.  Some might see it as ‘boring’ or a ‘safe’ choice but the upside is it can also be nice to have a name that has been around for many years that people recognise and can easily spell.
  • Choosing an unusual name also has pros and cons – it can be a wonderful way to help your child to stand out in a crowd but it’s important to consider how it will suit the child and whether it’s going to make life difficult for them further down the track at school and in job interviews. 
  • Can you imagine yelling the name out across a playground? If not, then go back to your list.
  •  How popular is the name?  Will your child be one of 10 Henrys in his class?  A great source for gauging the popularity of a name is an interesting document, ‘Popular Baby Names’, published by the NSW Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriage  It’s a great way to get a snapshot of the 50 most popular boys and girls names chosen over the past 5 years. 

A lovely way to celebrate your choice of baby name is to be able to wrap your new bub in a cuddly blanket, bathrobe or towel personalised with your new bub’s name.  Baby Stitch will embroider your new baby’s name on to high quality, beautifully designed items that will become treasured keepsakes. 

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