Books That Will Help Your Toddler Grow Smart

Every parents desire their child to grow smart. Reading with children is crucial for a child’s development. But the biggest challenge for many parents is to figure out which baby book or a toddler book will be the right pick for their child. Here are some tips to help you select your baby’s first book.

High contrast images

Small children love simple, bold images the most. From second half of the first year, babies start to actively participate in the reading process. They may begin by chewing, later by pointing and babbling. Pick the book with potential to satisfy a seemingly endless amount of curiosity, for example book with bright pictures of interesting objects.

Board books

These are simple short books and are made of laminated cardboard pages. The book is sturdy with rounded edges and is a best choice since babies will most likely chew them, toss them and pull them.

Toddler book

You can’t make toddlers sit at one place. They are frequently on the move, yet they also need books as much as babies. Don’t buy them something that will quiz them on letters, numbers or colors. Instead toddler book should be such that introduces basic themes and invite conversation.

Picture books

Toddler books with picture provide more elaborate plots and illustration than board books. The subjects typically range from ABCs to animals to feeling to favorite characters.

Bedtime books

The above books are already good addition to your toddler’s book library. Yet they need bed time book more than ever. Reading out the bedtime books can serve as a great wind-down for active toddlers. Since toddlers love to explore and even some times chew, they like book with vivid pictures and colorful illustration. Many toddler books are not strictly educational, in fact they are more geared towards providing interactive experience, like lift- the-flap and touch and feel books. These are some excellent kind of books to introduce your kids to the pleasures of reading.


These are educational books for young children to help them start counting everything in sight, for example banana in a bunch or blocks in their play tower or toes in the feet etc. These books help toddler learn numbers through characters, familiar situations and fanciful settings.


The first step to start reading begins with learning the all important ABCs. Though toddlers can learn best by playing with letter blocks and singing the alphabets song, educational books will captivate your toddler and help them start recognizing the letters. 

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