Fun Ideas in Baby Shower Games to Play

Fun Ideas in Baby Shower Games to Play

Besides all of the other planning that has to go into a baby shower such as invitations and take away gifts, there are baby shower games to play that also need to be found to make the party even more lively and fun.  These baby shower games to play can be formatted to match any type of party.  There are some that end up being very loud and obnoxious to play even though they are very fun,

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Baby Gift Ideas that are both Great & Practical

Baby Gift Ideas That Are both Great and Practical

Great (and Practical) Baby Gift Ideas

One of the baby gift ideas that are the most seldom mentioned but is often the most appreciated are those gifts of the everyday items that all new parents need.  Forget the expensive outfits that only fit for three weeks, and check out these great (and practical) baby gift ideas:

Baby Gift Idea #1: Buy them Diapers. 

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Unique Gift Ideas for Your Little Bundle of Joy

No matter the amount of time you have spent purchasing the special gift for your child, your child will probably spend more time playing with paper, box and the ribbon that was used to wrap and pack the gift. Also no matter how memorable you make the event for your baby, she won’t be remembering a thing about the event for more than few days or hours. So here are some ideas to gift your child meaningful experiences with long term dividends for everyone involved.

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Books That Will Help Your Toddler Grow Smart

Every parents desire their child to grow smart. Reading with children is crucial for a child’s development. But the biggest challenge for many parents is to figure out which baby book or a toddler book will be the right pick for their child. Here are some tips to help you select your baby’s first book.

High contrast images

Small children love simple, bold images the most. From second half of the first year,

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4 Fun Ways to Celebrate Easter with Your Family

Easter it  would seem has arrived way to quickly this year. While the meaning of Easter remains the same for Christians, there are enough traditions around the world that can make the holiday more fun for the entire family.

My parents used to put out Easter Baskets for the kids in the morning, which we used to enjoy a lot then. Kids like to have goodies for Easter, and any fun activities around goodies will interest them.

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Valentine’s Day Celebration Ideas

Valentine’s Day Celebration Ideas

The name Valentine’s Day conjures up image of flowers, candle night dinners and heart shaped chocolates. Over the years, if you feel Valentine’s Day has become quite predictable, we have rounded up some unique Valentine’s Day ideas that will ensure the day is not only romantic and awesome, but will likely, make you lucky too.

An alternative bouquet

Red roses are symbol of love.

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6 Steps to a chilled-out Christmas

Six steps to a chilled-out Christmas

Are you tired of running around like a headless chicken every Christmas?  There’s nothing worse than fighting to get a parking spot, struggling with an overloaded trolley full of food and a never-ending present list.  You end up feeling so exhausted that you don’t enjoy the day.

Now is the perfect time to launch into our ‘Christmas Survival Plan.’ Six steps to help you plan a chilled-out Christmas.

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Baby’s First Christmas

One of the most exciting things to look forward to with a new baby is their first Christmas!

It’s such an exciting time for the family and a wonderful opportunity to plan some fun new Christmas traditions to welcome the new little person in to the family.  Here are some great Christmas craft suggestions to make Baby’s First Christmas one to remember.

1.    A Christmas stocking for the new baby is lovely way to include this new member of the family in this years Christmas festivities. 

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Finding the perfect present for a 1 year old can be quite tricky. Here are six suggestions for useful gifts to celebrate that big first birthday.

  1.  Presents for bath time are always a great idea.  It’s fun to have some new things to make time in the tub a bit more special.  Age appropriate bath toys are fun as are bath books.  You could also look at buying a soft towel or cuddly bathrobe that will also become a wonderful keepsake when the birthday boy or girl’s name is embroidered on it. 
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Choosing a name for your baby – July 2015

Choosing a name for your baby.

There are a few things to keep in mind when looking for the perfect name for the new little person in your household;

  •  Does the name work well with your surname?
  • Will it be tricky to pronounce and/or spell?
  • Can you think of any unkind rhymes or abbreviations of the name. You may wish to consider the initials of the name eg. 
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