Baby Gift Ideas that are both Great & Practical

Baby Gift Ideas That Are both Great and Practical

Great (and Practical) Baby Gift Ideas

One of the baby gift ideas that are the most seldom mentioned but is often the most appreciated are those gifts of the everyday items that all new parents need.  Forget the expensive outfits that only fit for three weeks, and check out these great (and practical) baby gift ideas:

Baby Gift Idea #1: Buy them Diapers.  Lots of them. If you’re a parent already, you know how many diapers a new baby goes through. If you’re not a parent, you’d be astounded.  Either way, a gift of diapers, especially in an assortment of sizes, would be much appreciated by any parent.

Baby Gift Idea #2:  Get them the Basics. While it may be tempting to get the oh-so-precious formal outfit for their new little one, in reality, there aren’t that many opportunities to wear those kinds of outfits before the baby grows out of it.  Sleepers, onesies, and socks are what new babies will spend the most of their time in.  If the baby was born in the winter, a fuzzy snuggly wrap for when the baby is in the car seat is a great idea.

Baby Gift Idea #3:  BIG Receiving Blankets. Again, this is something you wouldn’t know unless you have kids already, but the majority of receiving blankets are too small to actually swaddle a baby in, and just get used for cleaning up messes during feeding time.  A large receiving blanket (think 2’ x 3’) will be large enough to swaddle the baby and keep all those wriggling arms and legs inside, which can help to calm down very young babies who can’t control their arms and legs yet.

Baby Gift Idea #4: Give them Food. New parents don’t have time to sleep or shower, much less eat.  Give them easy to prepare food, either in the form of homemade frozen casseroles they just need to pop in the oven, or in the form of gift cards from their favorite restaurant that serves takeout.

Whatever you decide to do, just remember that these people are your friends, and you know them best.  There are a ton of baby gift ideas out there that don’t have to be the same-old, same-old.  If you think about it for a little while, you can come up with something that will be both personal and useful – which will make it the perfect gift.

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