6 Steps to a chilled-out Christmas

Six steps to a chilled-out Christmas

Are you tired of running around like a headless chicken every Christmas?  There’s nothing worse than fighting to get a parking spot, struggling with an overloaded trolley full of food and a never-ending present list.  You end up feeling so exhausted that you don’t enjoy the day.

Now is the perfect time to launch into our ‘Christmas Survival Plan.’ Six steps to help you plan a chilled-out Christmas.

  1. First thing is to finalise the number of people coming to your Christmas celebrations.  Once you know who’s coming you can start planning the day.

  2.  Let people help you. Try not to shoulder all the work (and expense) for the food preparations.  Plan the menu and the jobs that people can do to help out.  As well as lightening your load your family and friends will feel like they’ve made a positive contribution to the day.
  3. Place your order with your local butcher and fishmonger for the ham, turkey, prawns and fresh seafood.
  4. Save all the hassle of rushing around the shops and order some personalised, quality gifts for the family from Baby Stitch.  You can order online knowing that they will arrive in plenty of time, beautifully gift-wrapped and ready to pop under the tree.
  5.  If you’re going to send Christmas cards why not save yourself the bother of queuing at the post office for stamps and send your Christmas greetings over the internet as an e-card.  There are some free Christmas e-cards available as well as clever animated ones that may cost a little but are great fun for kids. Some of the major charities also have e-cards – a great way to donate to a worthy cause at Christmas time.
  6.  You can also save money and time by scanning ads from your local bottle shop for bargains on your favourite festive beverages.  Buying now could save you money as well as the hassle scrambling around the shops closer to the big day.

Your ‘Christmas Survival Plan’ should give you the tools you need to make this Christmas an enjoyable and relaxing one.  

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