4 Fun Ways to Celebrate Easter with Your Family

Easter it  would seem has arrived way to quickly this year. While the meaning of Easter remains the same for Christians, there are enough traditions around the world that can make the holiday more fun for the entire family.

My parents used to put out Easter Baskets for the kids in the morning, which we used to enjoy a lot then. Kids like to have goodies for Easter, and any fun activities around goodies will interest them. Here are 4 fun ways to celebrate Easter with family and yes, they are lot easier to manage.

Egg fight

It’s an interesting game to play with family over a dining table. The game begins with everyone grabbing their dyed Easter egg. Any two people sitting in an opposite direction start the game by rolling their eggs on the dining table towards each other’s egg. In the process they smash their eggs somewhere in the middle of the table. The winner is the one whose egg has the least damage and wins the chance to take on the next participant. The only rule is that you have to eat your defeated egg before you start again.  It’s interesting and fun to see how Dad and big-brothers get beaten by little sister’s egg.

Egg hunt

Easter egg hunt is the most popular and best known game. This game is mostly held outdoors. The eggs are hidden at several places and children tirelessly search for hard boiled eggs and chocolates. The key is to hide as many eggs so every child has a chance to find few.

Rolling the eggs

Easter games are fun and help your child build childhood memories. Easter Egg Rolling has been the White House tradition since 1929. The rules are simple and easy to follow. Children have to roll their eggs across lawn by pushing it using their spoon. In some other countries like Germany and northern European countries, the tradition involves rolling the decorated eggs down the grassy hill. The winner is the one whose egg rolls the furthest distance.

Tapping the egg

Tapping the egg is a German game, whereby the goal is to break the opponent’s hardboiled egg by tapping the tips together. Players tap each other’s eggs with the tip of their egg. The kid with the strongest shell wins. The kids get to eat boiled eggs after the fun. 

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